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With Charlie, it serves the plot and abandons the character, creating further separation from the person we thought we knew and the person the show was presenting at face value.

As soon as Sun was abducted, the memory that it was Charlie came rushing back to me, repressed by my desire to think of the character in more consistent terms. With Jack and Ana Lucia talking about an army, Locke seems perfectly sane to suggest that the castaways are preparing to go to war. I will admit to being reluctant to read this allegorically.

Mail-order conservatism

For me, however, reading it allegorically risks focusing on the forest rather than the trees. In the chilling line quoted above, Sayid presents a very confident sense of self. That proved to be untrue: he would go on to serve as a torturer for the Republican Guard after being set free by the Americans who captured him, and we know what happened when push came to shove in the early days on the island. Like Sawyer, however, Sayid is choosing to be this way. He believes that it was always there inside of him, but he is bringing it to the foreground because there is little else for him to give.

He attacks Henry Gale viciously, and as he tells Charlie in the end he feels no guilt about it. Or, conversely, has Sayid crossed a line regardless of whether or not Henry Gale is who he says he is? Those questions are fascinating outside of the context of the allegory.

Every Saturday in June and July

Indeed, one of the most compelling realities of war—or whatever we want to call the war on terror—is how much humanity lies at its core. The storylines work because the characters placed in the position to make these decisions have complex pasts that inform their choices. Trust him. Send him your money. Surrender your will—and the monster shall be banished for good. And, in an intersection that is utterly crucial, this same theology of fear is how a certain sort of commercial appeal—a snake-oil-selling one—works as well. They are two facets of the same coin—where the con selling cent miracle cures for heart disease inches inexorably into the one selling miniscule marginal tax rates as the miracle cure for the nation itself.

The proof is in the pitches—the come-ons in which the ideological and the transactional share the exact same vocabulary, moral claims, and cast of heroes and villains. Dear Fellow Conservative, Do you know which special interest has given more money to the Obama and Clinton campaigns than any other? But can you guess which special interest came in second?

Labor unions? The Green Lobby? Wrong, again.

Give up? According to CNNMoney. Trusting them with your money is like trusting Bill Clinton to babysit your underage niece. But I know someone you can trust to manage your investments. His name is Dr. Click here to learn more. That letter is signed by Ann Coulter—and, truth be told, it reads like she wrote it. It is a perfect portrait of the nether region of the right-wing con, figure politics trading places with ground commerce a dizzying dozen times over in the space of just these several paragraphs.

Mark Skousen, a Mormon, is the nephew of W.

Cleon Skousen, author of the legendarily bizarre Birchite tract The Naked Communist , which claimed to have exposed the secret forty-five-point plan by which the Soviet Union hoped to take over the United States government. McKay, recommended that all members read it. Mark Skousen is also author of a book called Investing in One Lesson , which cribs its title from the libertarian tract Economics in One Lesson , distributed free by conservative organizations in the millions in the fifties, sixties, and seventies Reagan was a fan.

The Long Con: How Conservative Ideology Became a Con

Because three-minute videos are how intellectuals roll. It begins with a signal ideological lie: that stem-cell research represents an outrage against the right to life but the cultivation of embryos for in vitro fertilization does not. It all makes its own sort of internally coherent sense when you consider the salesman: James Dale Davidson is a founder of the National Taxpayers Union, a Richard Mellon Scaife—funded enterprise that gave Grover Norquist his start as a professional conservative.

The Gipper appears in another splendid specimen received by Human Events readers—which is appropriate, because Human Events is where Reagan himself got a lot of the made-up stuff he spouted across his entire political career. But Reagan kept his famous pompadour hairstyle.

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He also kept his warm smile and vigorous style. He died at age 93, and not from cancer. I can tell you the truth without having to risk persecution from the authorities. Miracle cures, get-rich-quick schemes, murderous liberals, the mystic magic mirage of a world without taxes, those weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein had hidden somewhere in the Syrian desert—only connect.

And what of Willard M.

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The point here is not just that he lies when he says conservative things, even if he believes something different in his heart of hearts—but that lying is what makes you sound the way a conservative is supposed to sound, in pretty much the same way that curlicuing all around the note makes you sound like a contestant on American Idol is supposed to sound. Ron Hubbard, a consummate shakedown artist in his own right.

Once, I gave a speech to a marquee assemblage of true members of the conservative elite, from William Bennett to Midge Decter to Alf Regnery, at the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, a conservative think tank that rich donors convinced Princeton University to house under its auspices. Karl Rove made a cameo appearance, during which he bragged about making a Republican congressman cry. In my remarks, I laid out what I took to be a disturbing moral pattern, what I naively thought would stir these folks into something like shame. Why was it, I asked, that whenever Richard Nixon needed someone to brazen out some patently immoral, illegal, or dishonest act, he frequently and explicitly sought out a veteran of the conservative movement—the same conservatives whose ideology in policy contexts he usually derided?

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Howard Hunt and G. Yes, reader: I was once just that naive. Stanton Evans, a legendary movement godfather, stood up. He said my invocation of Richard Nixon was inappropriate because Richard Nixon had never been a conservative. We sometimes edit it to enhance the listing. What is the event about? This event was first launched in under the banner of BSides Winnipeg and showcased speakers presenting to a sold-out venue over the course of a weekend.

Their second and third events were held in and , also selling out.

long con - Wiktionary

All presentations from previous years can be found in their archive. Organized by The Long Con Inc. All conference expenses are covered by sponsors and all the organization, planning, and execution is carried out by a dedicated group of experienced volunteers. Participating If you have any questions about how to participate in this event, either as a speaker or a sponsor , please contact the Organizers.

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