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I was like, 'yeah.

We're in his office. About 50 kids from the school were on hand to see their hard work pay off.

Later they posed for pictures with the governor. He commented there might be a future assemblyman or woman or even a senator in their midst.

Neon Circus Beer Festival

Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. Clinton Nevada delivers high-quality cable products in connection with our high-quality team while holding customer service to the same standards as the mission-critical products we supply and produce.


Real people need rest Extensive repairs and outrageous energy bills have always been the norm for neon lighting. Neon offers just 30, hours of light per unit.

Neon offers just 30, hours of light per unit. Durability Of LED: Fixed off-site, transporting damaged neon glass adds to the overall cost of repairs. Today, there is an alternative.

(S08 EP07) I-15, Project Neon Finalized

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