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For four hundred years, Hell crafted me into a savage beast. I suffered until I discovered the worst pain in existence Heaven stole my angel from me. I was a man possessed when my ship landed on Welsh shores. All I ever loved was the sea, but when Olivia's gold hair shone like an angel on land, my new love took over my whole being. I For four hundred years, Hell crafted me into a savage beast. I knew the second I saw her, she was mine. I gave up everything to buy her dowry and claim her for my own.

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Of course, I happily took payments on her love in advance. Until the church decided I was better fit for the noose. I was betrayed, yet I was the one who found myself in the ninth circle of Hell, the ring for betrayers. I was part of those meant to suffer the worst, right next to Cain, Judas, and the first of them all, Lucifer.

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But no one keeps me down, and no one takes what's mine. I proved myself the strongest, fiercest, and cruelest, and rose through the ranks of demons. And when I found out the secret they've been keeping from me, I took my newfound power and escaped Hell. My angel is up in those clouds, and I'm heading straight to Heaven.

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  • When I bust through those gates, I'm taking her back. No angel or demon's going to stand in my way from getting what I'm owed.

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    Hell hath no fury like a man obsessed. Enter this hot and steamy introduction to a new fantastic paranormal series.

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    Each book is a standalone. New couples, new creatures, new stories, but all the same heat. This demon's going to save his beloved, and he'll shatter the world to make it happen. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 73 pages. More Details Shattered World 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about To Heaven From Hell , please sign up. Lists with This Book.

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    Sort order. May 02, Emily Pennington rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. For years, Maxim has burned for the woman who was taken from him, and he is determined that he will get her back no matter what. He had met Olivia in a small Welsh town when the crew stopped for repairs to their ship. She was all that mattered to him, and he let the ship leave without him because he had to be with her.

    The more time he spent with her, the more the local clergy objected to him, trying to drive him away from her. He found himself in Hell and suffered — yet her pain tortured him even more as he remembered her grief at losing him. Although she experienced no pain in Heaven, Olivia was the only one who could not let go of her past. Her thoughts remained on Maxim and she longs for him every day. After he had died, she grieved until she finally decided to jump from the cliffs so that she could join him — but she ended up in Heaven and was not sure why.

    Angels unsheathed swords and circled around her to protect her. Maxim defeats the angels and takes Olivia to Earth letting her use her wings to get them there safely.

    Manual Emilies Angel (Love Is Hell Book 1)

    He vowed that they would never be separated again. Could he keep that promise? Could he keep what was his from both Heaven and Hell? This was the strangest book I have read in a very long time. It was written well and easy to read. But I did not like it. Nor did I like the characters. They were shallow, filled with only a single-minded purpose. There was no real story line, other than the fact that Maxim is going to have her no matter what.

    May 04, Rhonda Hicks rated it really liked it. Maxim's only love was the sea; that is, until he saw Olivia in Wales while there having repairs made to their ship. He knew she was his one and only the minute he saw her, so when it was time to depart he wanted her to go with him. Unfortunately, she was her mother's only child with no father there and her dowry was set high. Maxim left his ship taking any and all jobs he could find to stay close to Olivia saving all but small amounts to feed himself to pay her mother the dowry she required.

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    Ea Maxim's only love was the sea; that is, until he saw Olivia in Wales while there having repairs made to their ship. Each time he came closer to reaching his goal more people from the church and village came to him trying to make him leave and forget her. Maxim was adamant, he loved her and wasn't leaving. Time after time the church elders and village tried without any luck until they finally a mob accosted him, dragging him away from Olivia and made him stand trial on unwarranted blasphemy charges and lechery.

    Immediately found guilty, Maxim was sentenced to death by hanging while Olivia watched. In her grief, Olivia couldn't understand why the village and church elders would do such a thing. Her grief so severe she flung herself off the highest cliff in order to go to Hell and be with Maxim. Four hundred years they were separated. Maxim in the ninth circle of Hell remembering and suffering daily while Olivia was in Heaven comfortably numb with no emotions and only a vague feeling of want. This one took my by surprise. An absolute good vs. The sexual chemistry between these two is raw, gritty and powerful.

    This one will keep you spellbound until the end. May 02, Kaye rated it it was amazing. Talk about spinning out of control.