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Throughout this study, we will see how this statement is based on the Word of God. We will also discuss the meaning of godly fear, explore scriptural descriptions, and consider the original Hebrew and Greek words. On the contrary, God is called holy in a general sense. The word is used as a synonym for his deity.

That is, the word holy calls attention to all that God is. The purpose for this journey is to know God more by getting a glimpse of His holiness. In preparation for our journey, read the passages in table 2. As you read, take note of the table headings and record what you find. Exodus —25 Deuteronomy —14 Hebrews —21 Read the following story, which is my personal depiction of some of the events described in Exodus 19 and associated Scriptures. As you read, imagine you are one of the Israelites.

Strap on your sandals and load your donkey. Remember, you left Egypt two months ago. God delivered you and all your people from the hand of Pharaoh. God parted the sea, and you crossed over on dry ground.

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And now, miles further on, you stand on the desert of Sinai, a long plain about two miles long and a half mile wide. A mountain range rings one end of the plain, but one peak is more prominent than the rest. It rises straight up, standing like a sentinel against the backdrop of the sky.

Here, in the shadow of Mount Sinai, you set up camp. Almost immediately, Moses climbs the mountain to hear from God and quickly returns with instructions.


You must prepare for a visit from Yahweh. He is coming to the mountain! You have two days to purify yourself.

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They are setting up barricades around the base of the mountain and tying up any loose livestock. Wandering onto the mountain, even accidentally, is a death sentence. The anticipation and the anxiety build as those two days creep along. Finally dawn breaks on the third day. It sounds as if it is right in the tent with you. The early morning light seems brighter than noon as almost continuous lightning strikes illuminate the pale sky.

And the thunder! But the instructions were made clear yesterday; you know what to do.

Making your way to the edge of camp where all the people are gathering, you notice this huge crowd is silent. As you watch, a dense cloud descends and envelops the peak. Moses leads the crowd forward to the very foot of the mountain, but no farther. Shoulder to shoulder with fellow Israelites, you look up. Smoke billows upward, almost blocking the sun. Darkness now dominates the plain. From the midst of the smoke, flames shoot to the sky. You are transfixed. You cannot take your eyes off the mountain.

God of Wonders - Third Day

Your feet begin to feel a mild vibration. It quickly intensifies. The ground shakes so violently that you drop to your knees because you cannot stand. Everyone around you also drops to the ground, and you realize that it is not merely the movement of the earth that has put you there. Above the thunder, you hear the blast of the horn grow louder as it announces Yahweh. He speaks, and the sound is like the thunder, but. Week 1 different, and you realize you are hearing the very voice of God.

He calls to Moses, and amidst these terrifying events, Moses somehow manages to climb up into the smoke to meet with God.

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Contemplate for a moment the otherness of God. He is like no other. Did our journey give you a sense of the holiness of God? His holiness is as intact today as it was then. Read Deuteronomy — Compare this passage with Deuteronomy — Tomorrow we will look at the original language. In fact, the proper human response to a holy God is fear! The reason we should fear Him is because He is holy. For you alone are holy. In The Knowledge of the Holy, A. What a humbling experience.

When God descended on Mount Sinai to give the Law to Moses, the people, for their own protection, were not allowed to touch or even approach the mountain. At first glance, this picture. But just like the Israelites had Moses to intercede on their behalf, we too have an intercessor with God.

Read Hebrews — Describe the great privilege we have as Christians. What makes this great privilege possible? Spend time in prayer thanking God for your Intercessor. This word is used in both Deuteronomy and , as discussed during the day 2 study this week. The root of this word and its various forms appear over times in the Old Testament. Read the following words in a dictionary, and record their meanings as they apply to our proper response to God.

Our human ideal probably falls quite short. After a while, I would go to check out the job. I know you are way ahead of me. MARK: My clean or your clean? ME: My clean. Do you really have to ask?

Before His Throne: Discovering the Wonder of Intimacy with a Holy God - Kathy Howard - Google книги

Unfortunately, even though he now knows what my clean is, when he does the job, it is still usually his clean. The same is true with fearing God. Rely on before Him are almost synonymous. The Hebrew midwives in the first chapter of Exodus serve as an excellent example. Read Exodus — Pharaoh was extremely powerful. He had the authority and the means to make their lives unbearable or to order their deaths. Yet their fear of God moved them to obey God instead of Pharaoh.

Now read Exodus — A true fear of God is not a given in our lives. The choice is ours. To have the appropriate fear of God, we must first choose to fear Him. Next, we must allow the fear of God to become a pervasive attitude that plays itself out in our thoughts, words, and behavior. We can say that we fear God, but such statements are only words if our lives do not reflect a yielded obedience to Him. A proper attitude toward God will be evident in the way we live. What kind of heart attitude toward God does your lifestyle reveal?

Do you live in consistent obedience to God, or are you more often obedient to your own desires? Give it a try! Now look back and count the adjectives. Did you use words like friendly or shy, funny or serious, organized or scatterbrained? You probably used some positive descriptive words and some negative.

Walking with God

We use these kinds of adjectives to describe ourselves or other people because they are concepts we understand. Therefore when we attempt to know and understand God, we resort to the same means. We use human language to describe a God who is really indescribable. So no matter how good a job we do in describing God, our efforts will always fall short.

We must not let that keep us from trying, but we do need to remember the limitations of our words. The Bible uses this general term to describe the nature of God, to define who He is. From beginning to end, the Bible repeatedly describes God as holy. The seraphim repeated the word holy three times. This repetition emphasizes the absolute truth and the magnitude of the holiness of God.